Recruiting is one of those areas of business that is seen as time consuming and frustrating for businesses of any size, yet having the right employees is one of the keys to propel your business forward. Our Recruiters will take the time to understand your business, employee needs, and find well qualified candidates. We'll even conduct initial interviews to ensure you are meeting with only those that match your needs, to ensure you save time and avoid the frustration. We have been responsible for finding employers top candidates for a wide range of positions.

HR Consulting

Human Resources is an often overlooked, yet critical part of any business. Most small businesses don't need a full time HR professional, but lack the knowledge of key HR components which leads to compliance failure and can result in fines and sometimes worse, lawsuits. Our HR professionals are here to provide expert support for your HR Setup, HR Strategy, and HR Audit requirements. Working closely alongside your organization, we will identify gaps in your current policies and procedures, and propose solutions to overcome these issues.


Payroll can be time consuming, stressful, and oftentimes overwhelming. Between adding up hours with regular time, overtime, double overtime, paid time off, and holiday pay, to being unsure you're paying the appropriate taxes, garnishments, or withholding's from your employee's income. Is payroll keeping you from spending the time needed on your company, employees, and clients? We can make the payroll process stress a thing of the past, while ensuring your employees are paid on time, with all the correct withholding's.

Lambert Professional Group

We excel in assisting companies with less than 50 employees that are looking for one or more of the following;

*A different experience when it comes to recruiting top talent. We take the time to understand what each company we work with wants and needs in an employee, and provide top candidates to limit turnover.

*Human Resources without the price tag of hiring a full time HR representative. We can handle new hire onboarding, position descriptions, company handbooks, evaluations, and much more.

*Payroll Services that are accurate, on time, not costly, and provide a direct contact without having to wait or be transferred to multiple people before reaching a solution.


Next Steps...

Call or email us. We'd be happy to speak with you over the phone or meet with you in person to go over any questions you may have as well as well as how Lambert Professional Group can help your company.